About Us

In 1926 two brothers from Bridgeville, Delaware founded the RAPA Scrapple manufacturing plant. The brothers were named Ralph Adams and Paul Adams. This duo joined their names to create the RAPA trademark. Their recipe for the pork product has been used since the early 1920s when they developed it.

Rapa has made great strides since its founding. Product innovation and unparalleled customer satisfaction have been the cornerstones for growth.

RAPA Plant, Circa 1950
Rapa Plant Circa 1950

The plant is still located in Bridgeville and is the largest producer of scrapple in the world. With a staff of 60, RAPA Scrapple has become a leading brand.

Rapa has maintained its heritage of providing distinctive quality packaged Scrapple products made with the best practiced food safety standards. To support our commitment to food safety the RAPA process has been certified by NSF. The facility is also under continuous inspection by the USDA per guidelines.

RAPA Plant, 2008
Rapa Plant 2008